Special Update at Mirek Studio

Hi There!

We’re making post-production a whole lot easier with the launch of our brand new website!

As our studio grows, so does our drive to develop streamlined eCommerce image retouching services for customers just like you. Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice some exciting changes to our studio which we hope you’ll enjoy.

We believe beautiful retouching is a balance of technology and creative design, so we’ve completely redesigned our new website with a unique order-placement system which puts you in control. It’s more transparent, intuitive and flexible which means a seamless workflow for placing high volume images while still optimising image quality, efficiency and affordability.


Key things you should know:

  • A complete redesign of our dashboard and order placement process. Specify all of your details, upload files and confirm price all before sending your order
  • Clear transparent per image pricing is updated live as you create your order so you’ll have an accurate order total at any stage
  • Now you can accurately specify your output requirements so you’ll receive your files exactly as needed
  • Add-On Services Take your images further with professional retouching add-on services, so you’ll have perfect images every time
  • Membership options are perfect for customers with frequent or high volume images, providing greater discounts all around – up to 40% off!
  • To accomodate our growing international demand, we’ve converted our pricing to now be settled in United States Dollars (USD) going forward
  • Our previous General/Special Request/Custom retouching services (for non-product type images) will be discontinued going forward to focus on eCommerce image retouching for products sold online


Our new website is now live, check it out here! and we welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve and become the best we can be.

It’s easy to create a FREE Pay-As-You-Go account or consider joining as a Mirek Studio Member. Including discount rates, advanced retouching options and more. Learn more here.

Tell us what you think!

With kind regards,

MIREK Studio Team

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